What is The Best Flooring Choice & Which Types of Kitchen Floors are Most Durable.

Kitchen floor plays a vital role while working in kitchen for the preparation of meal. So, your kitchen flooring must be of good quality to endure the inevitable scratches, drops, spills, heavy foot traffic and dirt which can otherwise cause damage to the floor.

Porcelain tile flooring is the best option for any kitchen. Manufacturing process allows to make porcelain floor harder and less porous comparing to ceramic tile. ~ BRV Remodeling choice.

Porcelain tile floor for kitchen

Why is it important to make the right decision about kitchen floor.

Kitchen floor must be of a good quality to endure the inevitable scratches, drops, spills, heavy foot traffic and dirt which can otherwise cause damage to the floor. So, the right choices in selecting kitchen flooring entirely depend on how you do it. Kitchen flooring is the foundation of your kitchen where the whole beauty relies on.

Many homeowners make mistakes of not giving enough attention to flooring, or they may not have the proper guide on how to go with the perfect kitchen flooring. Always remember a right flooring, from its color to design and material. Everything can make a big difference in a kitchen and can turn your kitchen the most favorite place of yours to spend most of the time in. In this article, we will give you a detailed insight of everything that you may consider while choosing the kitchen flooring options.

The primary purpose of this article is to provide a walkthrough on the kitchen flooring ideas, tips and help you make better choices while choosing flooring material.

Let’s start with the essential tips that you should consider when choosing your kitchen floor.

Kitchen floor budget

Budget is crucial when you are starting a new project regarding everything. As you can’t leave your project unfinished just because of lack of funds in the middle of nowhere, so be wise in selecting the flooring plans with affordable prices. You can also read more about floor installation cost in our other article. If you need to spruce up your flooring and your budget is also tight, then you can go for the inexpensive flooring options and have the best plan to get this job done nicely. You must choose a base which perfectly fit your kitchen needs and isn’t heavy for your wallet.

Creative kitchen flooring design

Creativity is something which can give your kitchen a real look. While finding out the best flooring options, you can go with the creative yet beautiful flooring designs like choosing stone flooring can add exotic beauty.

Kitchen floor compatibility

Kitchen floor is considered essential because it gives the finished look to the heart of your home. Moreover, it also creates a smooth walking base for you. You can choose flooring what excites you or compatible with the color theme or furniture of your kitchen. For instance, bright or neutral color tones create an impression of space and light, giving a soothing feeling. Some people love bright colors to light up their kitchen, and this can be an excellent option when you are planning to have a modern luxurious look of your kitchen. However, stronger color can work in a smaller kitchen but not in the larger ones. You must account for the coloring of cabinets, working area and other kitchen accessories to finalize the right compatible kitchen floors. In this regard, you have plenty of themes available, and you can choose from those to bring your dream into existence.

Convenience and kitchen floor cleaning

As kitchen floors experience massive human traffic in comparison to other rooms and most likely get stained quickly. So, make sure the flooring type you have chosen can easily be cleaned, and it will be a convenience for you and your loved ones. In this way, you can save yourself from the hassle of cleaning hard your kitchen regularly.

Kitchen flooring strength and durability

When selecting kitchen flooring, it is good to select something made up of high durability/endurance elements to last longer. You can do a thorough inspection of flooring material to get into the details like some tiles may have cracks or scratches just before the installation. If you use your kitchen a little bit, then you already know that you need incredibly durable flooring. It shouldn’t be too sensitive to spills, stains, water or everything else which life can throw at it. The excellent news is that kitchen flooring options aren’t restricted to just one or two; there are endless options in flooring that expand your search for the best durable kitchen flooring material.

Selecting kitchen floor color

As we have discussed already the compatibility of flooring with the furniture or coloring of walls or cabinets. So, there can be plenty of options in selecting colors as floor takes considerable space in the kitchen due to which its color becomes more dominant. Your choice in selecting flooring color should be somewhere in the range of neither too dark nor too light because extremes show dirt prominently. It is wise to choose one with some variations in the pattern as it can hide dirt effectively.

Color choices have a significant impact on the overall look and feel of your kitchen. For instance, if you have dark-colored cabinets in your kitchen, then the pale-colored floor will have the effect of increasing the size of the kitchen. If you are planning to have much brighter colors in your flooring in return, it will divert your attention more to flooring instead of the other beautiful features of cabinets or countertops. While bold colors may create a very striking initial effect, but they can be little overwhelming in the overall color palette. Floor color in the middle of the spectrum can be pleasing and help to focus your gaze from the floor to other brighter colors throughout the kitchen.

If you are going to have a wood floor installed, then choosing a shade either slightly darker or lighter than that of your cabinets can be a great choice. Selecting the same color for floor and units will not give the impression you expected, and it will end up being claustrophobic or plain uninteresting. So, going with a less dramatic color for your floor can alive all other colors in the kitchen.

Here’s a pro tip, if your kitchen leads to other rooms, then utilizing the same flooring will have an effect of spaciousness. You can use the same color with different flooring material as it will also increase the feeling of space.

Best kitchen flooring material and options

Kitchen flooring material is essential, and most of the times people take it for granted. Well, it needs your most of the attention after you have planned everything. While exploring different types of flooring options, you must consider the amount of spillage that can occur in your kitchen in the future. You can consider many flooring types, like hardwood, stones, tiles, laminate and carpet flooring which are among the famous and have gained much attention. All these flooring types are effective and have associated high functionality in which you might be interested.

The choice of kitchen flooring material can include tiles, stone, laminate, hardwood or carpet and the choice is totally yours, which excites you the most. However, there are certain advantages associated with each flooring material. Each material must be analyzed on the several case-to-case bases of your house like a weather pattern, location, appliances, other material in your house and your preference above all. Timeframe for remodeling an average kitchen varies between 4 and 12 weeks, sometimes it takes even longer. It is crucial to be prepared and order flooring material ahead of time.

There are three main factors which also need to be considered while deciding are: durability, use and style. If you are wondering what type of flooring material can be best for your kitchen, then there are ample of kitchen flooring ideas that you will read anywhere. You may know that the flooring material being used these days resist rotting, contracting, slipping, expanding and elemental damage. These flooring materials also come with easy maintenance, affordability, inhibition to allergies and longevity. Now the main thing is how you will find the one that best suits your preferences, budget and needs. No doubt this is a very crucial step as it will decide either you have selected right flooring or not. If you have selected the right flooring, it can make your life easier and set the entire room’s mood. So, let’s get into the details of kitchen flooring materials by taking a closer look at some of the kitchen flooring’s most popular choices.

 1. Porcelain tile flooring for kitchen. BRV Remodeling Choice!

Porcelain tile installtion

Ceramic Tiles. Porcelain tile installation over adhesive with lash tile leveling system

Porcelain tile floor will be the best option for any kitchen, Because of excellent associated features which supports its easy maintenance and durability makes tile the most common and the most desirable option for kitchen flooring. This type of flooring is hard, durable, water resistant and shrugs off every type of stains easily.

Tile flooring can last forever if they are taken care of and never practically wear out. Both, ceramic and porcelain tile flooring are very durable and worth every penny you spend on it. This indestructible and cost-effective flooring possesses good qualities and has been in the market for a very long time. Apart from being durable, waterproof and compact, it is also effortless to clean, maintain and resistant to mold and mildew accumulation. These are also available in different texture, color, and sizes, allowing experimentation depending upon the kind of flooring pattern you want to get.

If you are worried about the much staining in kitchen, you can add sealant over the grout to keep the cleanliness. Tile flooring is suitable for both wet and dry surfaces, making it a good choice for kitchens where spills are likely. Ceramic tile flooring is affordable, and its pricing mainly depends upon finish, style and grade of tile chosen. In this regard, unglazed tiles with sealing are less expensive than glazed tiles.

An upgrade versions of ceramic is porcelain tiles which is harder and less porous than ceramic and cope with the spills in kitchen much effectively. Some kitchen flooring porcelain tiles are certified to have slip resistance feature by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

2. Natural Stone tiles

Natural stone tile

Natural slate tile paving

Natural stone tile is the right choice if you want to go for a less familiar option and looking to create a unique, luxurious looking kitchen. These flooring tiles are as hard as a rock due to which it is much durable and long-lasting solution for the kitchen. Various options are available in natural stone including granite, slate, limestone, travertine, marble and sandstone. Using granite and marble in natural stone flooring can give your kitchen a wholly unique and creative appearance.

When it comes to selling your home, having natural stone floors can be a big plus as it signals luxury. If properly maintained with quality sealer, slate and granite floors can last for decades, it sounds astonishing in the highest durability. Doesn’t it? Sandstone, marble and Travertine can also last for many years.

3. Vinyl Flooring & LVP – Luxury Vinyl Planks

LVP installation

Work on laying flooring. Worker installing new vinyl tile floor.

Vinyl flooring is perhaps the popular, easiest and versatile kitchen flooring option. This man made material is remarkably resistant to stains, and damage. If your kitchen is the busiest place the whole day, then vinyl flooring can be a great option because its cleaning is easy and you can keep it free from debris with vacuuming, sweeping or regular mopping. It can be used for 10 years with no discoloration while maintaining its beauty. One of the striking facts about vinyl flooring is, its among the most inexpensive flooring material so, if you have very tight budget then going for vinyl flooring can be a wise decision.

Its modern versions include Luxury Vinyl Planks (LVP) and Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT) and both of these are certainly affordable options. The best of both options is LVP as it is thicker than the standard tiles and can be installed quickly. However, both vinyl types are fully waterproof and can be installed “floating” above the sub-floor. If your kitchen is in basement or experience a lot of family use, then mark this option. Apart from holding up well against moisture and humidity both LVT and LVP flooring feels soft underfoot to touch and walk. So, you can have wood or natural stone look kitchen floor without the hefty price tag.

4. Laminate flooring

Laminate flooring is one of the most cost effective flooring options for kitchen and costs almost same as vinyl flooring. Although it is not on the same level as marble or wood flooring, it can be created to imitate such looks like hardwood, natural stone or even metal. It is created by laminating several layers and installed on the existing floors. Its coloring is also very durable over the years just like other floorings which may fade with time. To make it look better, it is also offered in many styles, patterns and can imitate other flooring types like concrete, wood, and rock.

But it’s not the most durable option for kitchen because it’s material is not ideal for moisture and humidity-despite what manufacturers claim. The hard resin surfaces of laminate flooring are excellently resistant to scratch, stains and tolerate kitchen traffic however, these planks are vulnerable to water damage. Just a leaky dishwasher or accident spill can make the planks to bulge from the edges so you have to extra careful for the standing water on your kitchen floor. Occasional damp moping is okay but you should avoid wet mopping regularly in your kitchen. However, there are certain water resistant laminate which are guaranteed to resist standing water for specified period, so if you are willing to spend more, you can buy water resistant laminate for your kitchen.

5. Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is stylish and sustainable because it doesn’t absorb dust or debris making its cleaning easy.

Hardwood creates a traditional feeling in the kitchen by combining warmth and inviting tone. With the comfortable feeling underfoot, these hardwood floors are known for their beauty, prestige and sturdy surfaces which are easy to clean. One of the most popular types of hardwood floor includes oak which is neutral in color and very durable. Among other famous types of wood flooring are cherry, ash, and walnut.

Hardwood floors generally come in two types which are engineered and solid. Engineered flooring comes in strips, planks and generally involves laminating thin wood sheets in a crisscross pattern which gives remarkable strength. One big plus of engineered hardwood flooring is its high resistance to handle water spills. In contrast, solid flooring is cut from the single pieces of wood and shaped into the desired curves. However, humidity is the enemy of wood but solid wood flooring can last for decades as they can be refinished every 5 years to look new.

Hardwood kitchen floor only encounters problems from leaks, and spills. While shopping for hardwood floors for your kitchen, you must make sure that it is pre-finished (Sealed with sealants protective layer) already because unfinished can add to your struggle more. First of all, pre-finished hardwood floors are easier to clean, maintain and less prone to water damage than unfinished hardwood floors. Secondly, it comes with long term manufacturer warranties and more durable than its unfinished counterpart. Lastly, finished hardwood floors are available in a wide variety of stain colors which can be re-stained in future remodeling projects easily.

Check the material

When you have finalized your flooring material, you may get an impression of how it looks by placing it on the floor. Flooring material hanging on the wall can’t give you a better idea of how the material looks. Another way is to lay the sample near the store window where daylight is present as it gives a more accurate impression of the flooring material’s exact color and texture.

If it is possible, you can try samples by placing them on the floor under both natural and artificial light to have more accurate choice. This method can satisfy you completely when you get your flooring job done from the floor installers. So, take your time in assessing the material, and you won’t regret it.

Hire Professional Flooring Contractor

This is the last step of having professional kitchen flooring done. Choosing a flooring contractor with experience is a very important decision. Many companies claim to provide remarkable services for a residential and commercial kitchen remodel projects. Don’t go for the highly advertised company in a newspaper, magazine or on the internet. Just because they run add doesn’t mean they have a proper license and experience. Because hiring an unprofessional contractor for your flooring project can lead to problems both during and after the job. A knowledgeable and experienced company can also help you find the ideal flooring material suitable for your kitchen.

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